Here at MotorServ UK we are always trying to save our customers money and help them with their motoring needs.


We are the Home of the £15 MOT, we do pads for life, even cambelts for life..and have a very unique Gold Membership scheme, where customers can book up their next service and get over £400 free services in return! 


But one of the biggest issues we see day-day, is that when our customers bring their cars in, they are given a complimentary health check on the car with all Services and Repairs carried out. Sometimes we identify crucial items which need changing, Tyres/Brakes/Suspension arms etc..

However the cost is sometimes prohibitive, as come on, lets face it.. sometimes coming to the car garage and facing the MOT is worse than going to the Dentist! ????

To help alleviate this, we have been looking for the right package and right offering for quite some time, and have finally found something which will help the vast majority of our customers from here on! ????

If you face a bill, that you just haven't budgeted for or have not been expecting, thats the worst part of our job, to see that disappointment.


We will always shop around, get the best prices we can on OE quality and warranted components, but sometimes its just not enough, and our customers have to pick and choose and leave other work to later on in the year. Plus they have to go to the hassle of coming down again, taking the time and effort to book in again for further work..??

Now at MotorServ UK, If your bill exceeds £250, and you know you need the work done, but would normally put it off, we can do the work NOW, and spread the payments over up to 18 months absolutely INTEREST FREE. Thats right, no compulsory money down today, and no interest to pay! ????????????

You get to spread the payments to a budget that suits, and you can make your car safe and roadworthy today. ??

No more kicking the can down the road when it comes to essential works.????

Call us today, book in and give us a list of things you need doing. Or if you aren't sure, we can run a complimentary health check and quote up anything that may need replacing now or in the near future.

We welcome any customer into our viewing/waiting area to come and see what work is required, and will even return or show components taken off your car if you want!

To enquire or to take us up on this, call today or drop us a message and one of our very helpful consultants will come back to you as soon as possible. 

Fill out the form below and someone from our services team will contact you regarding your enquiry...

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