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5 most likely things to fail your MOT

If you have an upcoming booked MOT test for your car then it is important that you know some of the most common failures and how to avoid them.


Probably the most common one on this list is lights. Despite being such a simple and cheap fix that you can do yourself potentially, it causes the most MOT failures. A simple way to check your lights is to get a friend or family member to go around the car while you turn the lights and indicators on and off, and they can confirm if all the lights are working. This includes all the indicator lights, number plate lights, brake lights, front and rear lights and fog lights. 


Tyres are a very important part of your car as they can determine how well you can control your car and also how fast you can stop and how fast you can drive safely. These should be checked regularly for any slashes, holes, rips, bulges and also the tyre tread depth.  The law requires car tyres to have a minimum tread depth of 1.6mm in a continuous band around the central three quarters of the tyre.  Before an MOT, it’s useful to get these checked properly by experts such as MotorServ UK. We can check your tyre tread depth to make sure it meets regulations and more importantly will ensure the Car will pass its MOT.

View of the road

Having gadgets and holders on or around your windscreen is great for convenience, but not great for the vision of the road and for an MOT test! Anything like phone holders, stickers, cracks or anything that can restrict your vision of the road should be taken off or remedied before an MOT.  If you have a chip or a crack and are unsure if it’s safe and will pass the MOT, then take your car into MotorServ UK to get an expert to view it and advise if it needs repairing / replacing before your test.


This can be trickier to spot but also vital to get right. If you feel your car veering to the left or right when braking or it has a spongy feel when pressing the pedal then they may be in need of a replacement.  Another tell tale is excessive squeaks or a scraping noise on braking. As it is so important, we recommend that you bring your car into MotorServ UK for a FREE brake check to make sure everything is OK. 


Whether you have accidentally hit a kerb or a pothole, your car’s suspension can take a real beating especially if you use your car on a daily basis. Something like this is difficult to check by yourself without the right equipment and experience. This is why we recommend you get it checked here at MotorServ UK before the test.

Those were just 5 things most likely to fail on an MOT test.  You can have your Car checked prior to an MOT, to avoid a fail and to give you the time required to carry out repair works as necessary. If you need to book an MOT then why not book with us here at MotorServ UK for only £15 with our ‘No Pass No Fee’ guarantee.  With our expertise, we can get your Car all checked over and certified and back on the road for the year ahead!