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Birmingham MOT - Choosing the right company

Isn’t it fantastic to drive a new car? When you take your brand new car out of the dealership showroom, you can be confident that it’s going to operate reliably and efficiently in the foreseeable future. The tyres are brand new, the engine runs at peak performance and the emissions system is operating at peak efficiency. 
Alas, your new car won’t always be new. Over time, your vehicle will start to experience problems that could be just a minor irritation, a downright nuisance, or a debilitating issue that renders your car undriveable. Your brake friction materials become thinner, your tyre tread wears down, and light bulbs burn out one at a time. 

Those issues make your vehicle unsafe to operate on the public roads. In the UK, when your vehicle reaches three years of age from new, you’re required to have an MOT inspection performed and annually thereafter. 

What is an MOT?
The annual inspection vehicles three years of age and older are required to have performed is referred to as an MOT inspection, or more commonly, an MOT. It’s an acronym for Ministry of Transport inspection which is what the inspection was introduced as in 1960. It is an inspection that checks a vehicle’s safety, roadworthiness, and emissions, and has undoubtedly prevented countless accidents and reduced smog and CO emissions in the decades since its introduction. 

The MOT test checks your vehicle’s:
• Tyres for proper sufficient tread depth to maintain traction in all weather and road conditions

• Windscreen for cracks and chips that could obstruct your vision and compromise your car’s structural integrity

• Wipers and washers to ensure they can clear your windscreen

• Signal indicators and brake lights so other motorists know your driving intentions

• Horn so you can signal other drivers in an emergency or panic situation

• Exhaust system to prevent noise pollution and improve air quality

• Chassis and body condition, confirming your vehicle is structurally sound

• Brakes and ABS brakes so you can stop properly

• Steering, suspension, and wheels, ensuring you can operate your car safely

• Emissions system to prevent excessive CO emissions and pollution

• Seat belts, speedometer, wiring, battery, and other controls

In essence, an MOT test is for your safety, the safety of others around you, and for environmental protection. 

When should you get an MOT?
Birmingham citizens as well as the rest of UK motorists must have an MOT performed annually once their vehicle reaches three years of age. However, there is more to determining when to get your MOT test than just once a year. 

You can get the most out of your MOT test by getting your annual MOT Birmingham test performed in within a month BEFORE your MOT expires. When your MOT inspection is done within a month before your expiration date, the new inspection will be valid for a year from the original inspection’s expiry date. 

If you get your MOT done too soon – more than a month before your expiration date – the new MOT will expire a year from the new inspection date. 

What commonly fails an MOT?
While any of the listed items can fail the inspection, from brakes to tyres, windscreen to taillight, the most common MOT failures are:

• Broken light bulbs

• Loose, worn out, or broken suspension components

• Incorrect handbrake adjustment

• Low tyre pressure and tread depth

• Cracked, bruised, or chipped windscreen

You can avoid many costly repairs by performing your own MOT. Birmingham citizens who want to prevent repeat visits from the inspection facility to the repair shop can perform their own MOT pre-inspection at home, then address those concerns before the MOT comes due. 

Check that your brakes operate as they should, ensure every light bulb illuminates, and if your check engine light is on, have it checked and repaired well before you must have your true MOT Birmingham inspection performed. 

Where should you go for your MOT?

Birmingham residents have many choices for MOT test facilities, though MotorServ-UK is second to none. We are a family-owned repair shop in West Midlands that serves Solihull and the surrounding communities. 

When you visit MotorServ-UK for your MOT, Birmingham citizens are provided courtesy cars so you aren’t inconvenienced in your daily activities. Our service consultants are honest and courteous, and out technicians are certified and experienced. MOT Birmingham customers receive a complimentary wash and vac service and enjoy complimentary WiFi in our comfortable waiting area. 

For all components that failed the MOT, Birmingham motorists receive top-quality original equipment or approved aftermarket parts to ensure long-lasting repairs. 

Visit MotorServ-UK Premier Auto Service Centres for honest, reliable MOT Birmingham inspections.