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Citroën Introduces Electric Vehicle That Doesn’t Need a License

The Geneva Motor Show starts in just a few days and manufacturers have already started teasing their new concepts ready for the big event. Citroën’s offering is a tiny city car that may not require the driver to possess a license.

The Ami One is a two-seater vehicle, designed to meet Europe’s quadricycle regulations. Therefore, it has a top speed of 28mph, weighs less than 450kg and is no wider than 1.5m wide. This means that in certain countries, this vehicle doesn’t require the driver to have any qualifications to get behind the wheel! It completely bucks the trend of drivers buying increasingly larger cars.

Citroën’s senior vice-president of product and strategy, Xavier Peugeot believes this vehicle is a mobility solution rather than a conventional car and it’s intended to be a vehicle that would be shared by people.

The materials used are durable, the build process is simple, and it’s built to last. To keep production costs as low as possible, parts are interchangeable. All the wheel arches are the same and both doors can be swapped too.

Inside, the display relies on your smartphone, the vehicle mirrors the data from your screen on to a heads-up display controlled by the driver’s voice. This system and the instrument cluster are the only electrical items found inside, the windows are hand operated and the roof is a 2-CV style fold-back item too.

While the Citroën Ami One is not cited for production, it gives us a glimpse at what our city cars could become as focus on car sharing and reduced carbon emissions increases.

Other models set to be revealed at the Geneva Motor Show include an Aston Martin hypercar, the Pininfarina Battista, which claims to be ‘the most powerful Italian performance car ever’ and a number of other futuristic plug-in concepts.