Essential Items To Keep In Your Car

More than anyone, motorists know that things don’t always go to plan. Tyres pop, accidents happen and mechanics fail. With that in mind, read on to find out a handy guide for essential items to keep in your car…


Spare Tyre

Many modern cars don’t come with a spare tyre and you may not find out until it’s too late! It’s also worth checking that it is the correct tread and depth and that you know how to change one!


Duct Tape

Not just an item to pack for stag-dos, duct tape can be a motorists best friend! From repairing broken wingmirrors to covering cracks in windows, duct tape can offer a temporary fix until you reach a mechanic.


Boots And A High Visibility Jacket

 If your car breaks down in the middle of nowhere, you will thank your lucky stars you remembered to pack these items, particularly on a wet night. You may have to walk for miles in complete darkness to reach a phone signal, so make sure you can be seen!


De-icer And Scraper

We are used to ever-changing weather conditions in the UK and are all too-aware of how it can go from sunny to freezing in the space of a day. It’s always useful to have these handy companions so that you don’t get stuck! Pack a blanket too, just in case.


User Manual

Your car manual should always be kept in your glovebox, so that it is with you when you need it most. This will tell you all the information you need about your car, from what bulbs to use to engine maintenance.



With so many of us relying on mobile phones, it can be hard to imagine being without them. If you lose phone signal in the middle of nowhere, you will need a map to help you find your nearest point of help. Attach a compass to it so that you’re never lost no matter the emergency.  


If you’re preparing for a long trip and want to book in for a car service or check, get in touch with the team who will be happy to help.