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Everything You Need to Know About Car Polish

It seems we’ve made it through the worst winter could throw at us. Keeping your car clean over the past few months will no doubt have been an arduous task.

However, now we’re starting to see the first rays of sun, making sure your paintwork is in peak condition should be high on your priority list! There are plenty of car valeting companies that will return your cars paintwork to a showroom finish, but if you fancy taking on the task at home, here’s what you need to know about car polish!

While keeping your car clean and waxed is a visual treat for you every time you step up to the door, it also helps to preserve the value of your car too. Few people realise that polish is actually abrasive, when applied correctly it removes a small amount of the clearcoat over the paint as this is the layer that holds the imperfections. Polish can remove everything from water marks to acid-rain etching, but only when it’s used correctly!

Before opening your polish, your car should be clinically clean, that means free from tar, bugs and brake dust. These are typical steps in everyone’s car washing routine and by doing so you’re giving the polish the best chance to work its magic as it is meant to.

It’s key that you remember polish shouldn’t be used every time you break out the sponge and bucket, many people get confused between wax and polish. Just remember that the polish isn’t the final process, it’s instead a preparation stage before applying a carnauba wax or ceramic-type sealant. Wax on the other hand adds a layer of protection to your paint, ensuring it maintains a gloss-like finish by preventing UV rays and natural contaminants from damaging the clearcoat.

Using polish correctly is an underrated skill, used incorrectly you may do more harm than good to your vehicle’s paint. If you’re keen to rejuvenate your car’s paint finish, it may be worth investing in a professional to complete a full car valet of your vehicle.


 When you book your car in for a service or repair at MotorServ UK, why not take advantage of our full interior and exterior detailing service on top of our complimentary wash and vacuum?