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Get your car road trip ready

Summer is just around the corner and that means weekend road-trips and exploring the country. Before you can drive into the sunset, you’ll need to make sure your car is road-trip ready and here are our top tips to get you on your way.

Check your tyres

Your tyres are the things that are going to get you to your destination. You need to check the treads, look for any signs of damage and make sure not to over-inflate them before heading off on your journey.

Oil and Brake Fluids

Your oil and brake fluids need to be topped up and ready for the trip. If these are running low, you could find yourself in a sticky situation. For oil, you need to use your dipstick to check the level and for brake fluids, you can look inside the cylinder and top it up to half an inch or so below the cap line.

Windscreen wipers and fluid

We all know the importance of working windscreen wipers and damaged ones can cause loss in visibility and also damage to your windscreen itself. Keeping your fluid topped up is also essential, especially on a long trip. Without functioning fluid, your sight could be impaired with a gritty and bug-filled windscreen. Also – don’t be tempted to just top it up with water, windscreen fluid is key here!

Ready for Europe

If you’re heading over to Europe this Summer, there are a few extra things you need to consider. Depending on where you’re going, there are different things you need to have on board your car, from reflective jackets to a first aid kit. You can view everything you need on the RAC website but if you need a helping hand, get in touch with the MotorServ UK team who will be able to arrange a travel pack for you.

Getting comfy

Now we have got our important tips out the way, we want to share some of the things we do to make the journey more enjoyable! Remember to pack snacks for the journey and be prepared with bottles of water, plus a small bag to keep your rubbish in. Also, download your favourite songs or podcasts to your phone so if you hit a rural road with no signal, you don’t have to suffer in silence! Lastly, enjoy the trip! Let us know where you’re heading to this Summer.

If your car is in need of a little more TLC, get in touch with the team at Motorserv-UK to book your car in for a service or health check.