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Getting your car ready for Winter

Winter is coming. There is no denying it and while you may be thinking about the C word and trips to the city centre for ice skating and hot chocolate, it is worth sparing a thought for your car. Preparing for Winter isn’t too tricky and could save you a lot of heartache – and cold toes – in the long run. Here are our tips on getting your car ready for those Winter months.

Regular Servicing

Keeping on top of regular servicing is a strong start to minimising the chance of a winter breakdown. No one wants to be stranded by the side of the road in the pouring rain and while accidents can still happen, regular servicing will make sure that your car is ready to take on the winter weather. We offer a range of services and checks so get in touch to book in with one of our team members.

Tyre quality and air

You will need to check your tyres every fortnight or so in this kind of weather. With the rain and sleet, we are prone to in the UK, your tyres take their fair share of wear and tear. Check them for wear, bulges and cuts regularly and make sure they are filled to the correct pressure level. Too much or too little can result in stopping times being affected and of course, accidents.

Prepare for the worst

While we hope you don’t get caught out in the cold, having a breakdown kit on board your car can be a huge help. It will also give you peace of mind while traveling if you have everything you need inside your car. Things to include in this are; a shovel, torch, blanket, hi-vis jacket, screen wash, food and water, scraper, de-icer and suitable shoes in case you have to walk! It might be worth packing a few extra layers too if you haven’t already got them on.

Checking your lights

Clean your lights regularly so that they are free from debris and dirt. You will want to check your bulbs are in full working order too. With the nights getting darker and the days getting shorter, you will be getting a lot more use out of your lights than you would in those Summer months.

There are just a few of our tips to get your car ready for Winter. If you have any concerns or want to book your car in for a service or a check, get in touch with the team at MotorServ-UK Solihull where we will be able to book you in.