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Kamran Saleem - Featured Article

This week we put the spotlight on the bestof member Kamran Saleem the owner of MotorServ-UK Solihull.

Meet Kam

I was born and bred in Solihull, and studied locally at Aston University Business School. 

I am now 34 and have been self employed on and off since the age of 16. I knew I wanted to work for myself from a very young age, as I grew up with my parents in Business so it just came as second nature. I had a website design company when I was just 16. When I left University I trained as an Accountant, and my background is very much financial services based. 

My passion for cars led me to set-up a brokerage where I sourced and financed millions of pounds worth of cars for hundreds of clients across the UK. When the financial crisis hit in 2008 I lost some relationships and it felt like the world had ended! I had to diversify pretty quickly, and this led me to buying a chauffeur service company in Birmingham, which we still run today, as well as entering into niche project and property funding, where we have funded various projects including three cemeteries, which I never thought I would have got into!

I love being around cars, and helping people with their cars, and resolving issues. I generally have one or two or my own project cars in the workshop where I am putting an old heap or an abused car back into shape and into regular use again. 

I am married now and have two young sons, and my family is my driving force. I used to work hard to buy that next car, or take a fancy holiday, but now priorities and motivations have changed. I want the best for my kids and family for the future so this spurs me on. 

I like to have downtime on the weekends and holiday periods and spend quality time with my wife, kids and family. My wife has to put up with a lot of time without me, so I try and spend time with her and the kids whenever possible. I love eating out and going to the cinema, although haven’t been able to do that much, with young children at home for late! 

At the time when I set-up my first business, it was primarily to fund and run a nice car, and this continued throughout my university career where I was always involved in business and investments on the side.. I remember my placement year in Swindon, where I worked in a financial analyst role for a meagre salary,but bought and sold a total of 3 properties all within a year, it always kept me I the latest BMW which was my desire and goal at the time. 

I would say my love for cars has only really intensified over the years, and I have been fortunate to visit many venues, facilities and shows across Europe as well as take part in loads of track days and motor experiences. My favourite being the Porsche Silverstone day.

My involvement with everything cars, led me to enter the world of car service and repairs in 2013, and I opened MotorServ-UK Solihull. It has enabled our business to enter another level and we hope to open centres across the Midlands and further afield in the years to come. Currently I employ 17 people and this is growing year on year in general.