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Making the most money when selling your car

It may not seem like it on these dull, dark, dreary mornings, but Spring is just around the corner. What better way to celebrate the beginning of a new season than to get rid of your old car for a tidy sum. Here are our Spring-cleaning tips to help spruce up your car before a sale…

Organise your records

If you have taken good care of your car, we hope that you have taken good care of the paperwork too! Having records of service and MOT history, as well as documents detailing any repair work, will help build up trust with any prospective buyers. No paperwork or proof of a car’s history are instant red flags for buyers!

Give it a thorough clean

Nobody wants a car that hasn’t been looked after, and a messy interior screams volumes about the life your car may have led. Get out the hoover and consider replacing worn or dirty car mats. A good quality car wax can really help add that new-car look to the paintwork and be sure to fill in any dents or scratches too.

 Investing in a good car air freshener is a very good idea, as all of these little touches will help to show the buyer that this is a car that has been looked after and loved. If you want to go the extra mile (or you are just short of time), you could consider a full car valet, which will leave your car ready for the showroom.

Advertise it well

There is no point in putting every effort into getting your car ready for a sale, only to let it down by not showing it off in all its glory. Take some high-quality photos, preferably against quiet but appealing backgrounds. A Jaguar set against a backdrop of countryside will get more attention than the same car in your cluttered garage!

When advertising, be sure to be honest; take photographs of any imperfections, as potential buyers will appreciate the honesty. They are much less likely to be annoyed than if they realise they have driven miles to view a car that they didn’t realise was covered in dents and scratches!


If you are considering selling your car and need any help, whether this be a valet or a more
comprehensive car service in Solihull and Birmingham, get in touch with the team here at
Motorserv-UK. We will be happy to help.  

Please remember that when selling in part exchange, or to an online buyer, you will only likely achieve 'trade book' value for your Car.

Selling privately can pose potential risks and issues and can leave you exposed to fraud and thefts.  So if you want to discuss further Sale options and to see how we can help, ring our Sales manager today on: 0121 405 0702 and he can run through the options with you and let you know how we can assist.