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MOT Service Solihull - Motorserv UK

If you drive a vehicle in Solihull, a fact of life is the need to conform to MOT, or Ministry of Transport, requirements. While it may seem inconvenient to require an MOT, Solihull motorists are all the safer because of them. 

Since 1960, vehicle owners in the UK have been required to have an inspection performed that addresses all the safety aspects of their vehicle. Vehicle roadworthiness, safety features and functions, and emissions are all inspected as part of an MOT. Solihull inspection stations check over each vehicle that operates on the roadways and either gives a paper certificate to indicate a passing grade or, if the vehicle fails the MOT, the operator is given a refusal of an MOT certificate. The vehicle owner is required to have repairs performed so the vehicle conforms to MOT rules before it can be operated on UK roads legally once again. 

What does an MOT test cover?
Your vehicle must pass a series of tests in order to pass its MOT. Solihull vehicles, as in the rest of the UK, must prove that they can be operated safely and efficiently, and must not pose a threat either to the operator of the car or other motorists and pedestrians around it. 

The MOT test checks:
Brakes for proper operation, including the handbrake and ABS brakes
The windscreen, wipers and washers to ensure the driver has a clear line of sight
Turn signals, brake lights, and the horn so drivers can communicate their intentions 
Exhaust and emissions systems to prevent harmful air pollution and annoying noise pollution
The body condition and chassis structure for strength and structural integrity
Steering, suspension, and wheels, ensuring you can operate your car safely
Seat belts, speedometer, wiring, battery, and other controls

Who must get an MOT?
Solihull vehicles that are three years old must have an MOT test performed, then annually thereafter. While there are exceptions, they are few, and you should expect that MOT tests are required of you. Your MOT test is valid for one full year from the original inspection date and must be re-inspected before that year has lapsed. 

It’s best to be proactive for your MOT. Have your inspection performed early so that, if repairs are required, you can have them completed promptly before the year is passed. If you have your MOT Solihull test performed within the month prior to the expiration date, the MOT will be valid for one year from the original inspection’s expiration. Be careful, though, because if your MOT is performed more than one month prior to the MOT expiration, your inspection will be valid for only one year from the date the re-inspection was performed. 

Can I check my own vehicle for MOT Solihull issues?
Before having your MOT, Solihull residents can save time and money by performing their own vehicle pre-inspection. The most common MOT failures are minor but can cause major time delays in obtaining a completed MOT certificate. 
Check your lights. The most common MOT failure is broken or burnt out lights. Check your brake lights, turn signals, headlights, and marker lights for proper operation and have any burnt out light replaced. 
Check your suspension. Loose, broken, and worn out suspension parts will cause your MOT to fail. If you notice a clunk or banging noise when you drive over roadway bumps or if your car bounces excessively, you can expect you’ll need your suspension repaired to pass your MOT test.
Test your brakes. Do your brakes squeak or grind when the brake pedal is pressed? Does your vehicle still roll when the handbrake is applied? Is there an ABS or brake light warning indicator illuminated on your dash? You’ll need to have that addressed before your MOT will pass.
Inspect your tyres. Your car’s tyres need to have a safe amount of tread depth remaining and your tyre pressure needs to be within safe limits. Otherwise, you will need to correct your tyre condition before an MOT certificate will be issued. 
Check your field of vision. Your windscreen condition is crucial to safe operation. If cracks, chips, or stone bruises obstruct your view, or if your wipers or washers aren’t working correctly, your MOT will not pass, but more importantly, your car isn’t safe to operate. 
Where should I get an MOT?
Solihull residents are served by MotorServ-UK, a reliable, family-run repair shop with dealer-certified technicians. We offer courtesy cars while you are in for your MOT or repairs, and provide free WiFi in our comfortable customer lounge. We source only high-quality OEM and aftermarket parts for each repair and provide a complimentary carwash and vac service with each service or repair booking. 

Visit MotorServ-UK Premier Auto Service Centres for honest, reliable MOT Solihull inspections.