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New Driving Laws You need to Be Aware of in 2019!

Over the coming years legislators will have an increasingly difficult job as autonomous features and emissions become more prevalent. Here are a selection of new laws and rules that are being discussed for 2019…


Passing Cyclists

As more people become aware of the damage our ICE cars do to the environment and how much we have to do to save it, expect to see even more bikes on our roads. Cyclists are very exposed, and cars and larger vehicles can do a lot of damage in an accident, so it is extremely important to be highly aware and patient when sharing the road. In an effort to reduce the risk of accidents involving bikes, starting at some point in 2019, those who overtake a cyclist closer than 1.5m, or the width of a standard car door, will face a fine of £100. 


Motorway Driving for Learners

For years, learner drivers haven’t been allowed to drive on the motorway, but this is due to change in 2019 as drivers accompanied by an instructor in a dual control car will be allowed to tackle our busiest roads. While this isn’t compulsory and won’t appear on the driving test as far as we’re aware, it will hopefully lead to better new drivers who are more confident in the fast-flowing environment!


Smart Motorways

Another change involving motorways is that those who choose to drive in lanes with red Xs above them could face fines of up to £100 and points on their licence. Ministers are expected to announce these new fines early this year. Lanes are shut when there is a blockage or an accident ahead to avoid any further accidents or speed up access for emergency vehicles.


MOT Changes

Since May, MOT categories were changed to: Dangerous, Major, Minor, Advisory and Pass. Dangerous and Major defects will result in a failed test with the remaining three resulting in a pass; although those with a Minor should still look to repair the issue as soon as possible.

A new range of test criteria are also being introduced in 2019, these include under-inflated tyres, contaminated brake fluid, brake pad warning lights and missing pads or discs, reversing lights for vehicles newer than September 2009 and daytime running lights for cars newer than March 2018. These further requirements will ensure the vehicles on our roads are safer than ever.


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