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Reducing your car bills

Owning a car can be pretty pricey but we have put together our top tips on reducing your car bills. Read on to find out more and if you have any extra tips, please send them our way!


One of the biggest expenses of owning a car – apart from the car itself – is of course, insuring it. When looking for insurance, it is important to shop around even if you have been with the same provider for years. Look at the different levels of insurance and work out how many miles you will be clocking up each year, small tweaks to this can make the world of difference. Do your research and whether you’re opting for a monthly payment or paying outright, it will pay to look at all the options.


You won’t get far without fuel but there are small things you can do and change to make sure you’re getting the most out of your motor. Things like driving more efficiently, shopping around for cheaper fuel and making sure your tyres are inflated to the correct pressure can make a huge difference.


Staying on top of things like tyre pressure and oil checks can prevent costly repairs further down the line. Regular servicing and maintenance are also great ways to get more out of your vehicle and to help prevent against scary bills and bigger jobs.


When you are considering your next car, consider your budget. If you are going to be paying monthly for the car, set a firm budget as this is a cost that will crop up every month! It sounds simple but it is often a cost we forget!

These are just a few of our tips to reducing your car bills. If you’re looking for a Service or MOT in Solihull and Birmingham, get in touch with the team at MotorServ UK Solihull.

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