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Saving money on servicing

The annual car service can be a driver’s nightmare! We all know that parts and labour do not come cheap, so it is important to look after your car throughout the year to keep your servicing costs low. Read on to discover our top tips for a healthier annual service…

 Look after your tyres

Not only is it important for safety but maintaining a good tyre condition can help reduce your service costs. Keep an eye on your minimum/maximum tyre pressure and tread depth, which your handy car manual will tell you. This is cheap and easy to do at home (a simple foot-pump costs as little as £12) and will help prevent then chances of a flat tyre while driving.

Watch your mileage

No, we don’t mean don’t drive long distances! Keeping an eye on your mileage will help you to keep your engine in good condition. The cambelt will often need to be changed every 70,000 to 80,000 miles and getting this changed early is highly recommended. Yes, it can be pricey (averaging £250), but this is far better than the hefty engine damage repair costs you would face if left unattended.

 Don’t skip a service!

We have all been tempted to skip a yearly service altogether, but this is probably the worst thing that you could do for your car besides crashing it! Having an annual car service helps you to nip any potential problem in the bud early, before it turns into a huge problem.

An oil change, for example, is a simple job that forms the basic part of every car service, but if left unattended it can cause irreparable damage to the engine (with an average engine replacement costing £2,500).

Looking after your car throughout the year is definitely a good financial decision. If you are interested in professionally qualified mechanics for your car service in Birmingham, contact the team at Motorserv-UK.