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Service History

What Is a Full Service History And Why Is It So Important?

What Actually Is a Full Service History?

full service history shows that a car has been maintained by a Garage since it was first built, in line with Manufacturer specifications and recommendation. This information is used when selling a car as the service history will often be requested before consideration of purchase. If your vehicle has been late to be maintained, has missed services, or has not been performed by a competent Garage, then it is considered to be not a ‘full service history’ Car - usually shown by missing stamps in the service book. Going to the effort of consistently servicing your vehicle can come with a number of benefits when selling -


When purchasing a used car, the first thing you should ask for is the service history and MOT history - this ensures that the car has passed all safety tests and that all the parts are working correctly and are in good condition. This means that the likelihood of repairs or breakdowns is reduced, which in turn justifies the price as you won’t have to pay for ongoing issues, and therefore making the car easier to sell

Official and Trustworthy

A full service from a competent Garage gives the car a trusted reputation from it's previous owners. Buyers will feel more comfortable knowing that the owners of the vehicle have had their car serviced by professionals, meaning a quality purchase. This reassurance can be given by providing the Service history documents recorded by the Garage once work has been completed. Documents could include the V5C, MOT certificate, and service history documents (often recorded online increasingly). By providing these documents, it shows that the car has been owned by responsible owners and that there aren't any hidden problems on the car. This therefore makes the car easier a better proposition for when you will come to sell as the history and provenance of the Car can be ascertained.

Gives You An Accurate Time Scale

Being knowledgeable about your vehicle ensures that you're safe and responsible as an owner. If you fully service your vehicle, then you know exactly when each part of your car was last tested and maintained. Examples of components you can be sure are working effectively are – 

  • Brake fluid
  • Anti freeze coolant
  • Lights 
  • Windscreen wipers
  • Battery Condition
  • Tyre Tread And Pressure
  • Oil, and Filters
  • Brake Pads and Discs.

By knowing that these things have been checked, it means you can be organised in caring for your car in the future to make the car safe and give you reassurance.


Essentially, all the benefits of a full service lead to desirability of the car and how valuable it seems to a potential buyer. All the benefits discussed above make the buyer trust you as a seller and that your car is in prime condition to be bought. The difference between selling your car at a lower price and a much higher price could be the full service that you have maintained during your ownership too. So remember, the price of all the Service items is justified by the safety you will ensure firstly for you and your family, but also the greater financial return you will receive from the Car in the long term when it comes to selling it in future.

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