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Tag: Birmingham

Tyres: Repair or Replace

How do you know when to repair or when to replace your tyre? It is important to keep a close eye on your tyres and to know when they need repairing or replacing, but we know it isn’t always easy. We have put together the short guide below so you can identify the course of action. Take a look and if you need extra help and advice, please let us know.

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Hidden gems in Birmingham

Birmingham is a wonderful place, filled with loads of places to go, see and explore. We have put together a list of our favourite hidden gems across the city, so if you’re looking for inspiration, read on…

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Smart Motorways

You will have heard the phrase ‘smart motorway’ or ‘managed motorway’ over the last few years but are you still unsure of what they are? Large scale roadworks have been disrupting the roads for lengthy periods of time to create smart motorways and one of the latest legs of work has been completed in the midlands on a stretch of the M6 motorway. With promises of faster-moving traffic and shorter delays, here’s everything you need to know about smart motorways.

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Things to do in Birmingham this Summer

While we try and fend off the clouds and the rain, we can’t help dreaming of Summer and there are lots of exciting things going on in the city this year. Here are our top picks of things to do in and around Birmingham, so take a look and get them pencilled into your diary!

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