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The Changes to the MOT

If you own a car that is over three-years-old, it’s crucial to ensure that you keep up to date with MOT regulations and that you remember to book your car in for a test before your MOT certificate expires. Recently, there have been changes to the MOT. This guide will provide an insight into the new MOT and offer advice for motorists whose MOT is due soon. 

You should only drive your car without an MOT if you're taking it to a test centre, for a pre-booked MOT appointment.

Changes to the MOT

The MOT is an annual assessment, which is carried out to check that vehicles are safe to drive. During an MOT, mechanics will carry out a series of tests to make sure the car is firing on all cylinders and highlight any potential issues, which could be dangerous. Every car that is over three years old is required to have an MOT. If your MOT is due to expire soon, it’s always a good idea to book a test in advance.

In June 2018, changes were introduced to the MOT. There are five main modifications for drivers to be aware of. These include:

  1. Changes to the categorisation of defects: faults identified during an MOT will now be classed as minor, major or dangerous. Both major and dangerous defects will contribute to an MOT fail.

  2. Diesel emissions: the new MOT contains stricter regulations for diesel cars. If there is visible smoke from the diesel particulate filter (DPF), the car will fail automatically.

  3. New checks: the revised MOT includes additional checks. These include inspections for underinflated tyres, contaminated or leaking brake fluid, loss of reverse light function and brake pad warnings. Headlight washers and daytime running lights will also be checked.

  4. New certificate: the certificate presented to vehicle owners has changed. The new document contains a clear outline of any hazards that have been identified.

  5. Changes for older cars: from June 2018, any car aged over 40 will not require an MOT.

Booking an MOT tips

As a driver, it’s always beneficial to make sure you know when your MOT expires. If your MOT is due, search for a reputable garage in your local area. If you’re looking to book an MOT in Birmingham or your certificate is due to run out soon and you need a reliable mechanic to do your MOT in Solihull, Motorserv-UK can help! It’s best to book in advance and give yourself a bit of leeway, just in case your car fails and it needs work before retesting. When you have a hectic schedule, and you’re juggling multiple balls, it can be tricky to remember your MOT expiry date, so make a note in your diary and call and book an appointment. If your MOT expires, you could face paying a fine of up to £1,000 and your insurance might not be valid. You should only drive your car without an MOT if you’re taking it to a test centre.

The MOT is designed to promote safety and reduce the risk of road accidents and harmful emissions. If your car is due its MOT in the next few weeks, now is the time to call and book an appointment. You can call us on: 0121 405 0702, remember the MOT test at MotorServ UK Solihull, is priced at JUST £15 on a no pass no fee basis... there really is no other comparable choice for your MOT!