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The Types Of Checks During An MOT

Here at MotorServ UK, we specialise in expert MOTs. Once your vehicle gets to three years
old, it will – legally – have to have an MOT every year. If you're not sure how old your car is,
or you want to check when your MOT is due, you can check online at to find out, and, if need be, you can then book your
MOT at our local Birmingham MotorServ UK MOT centre. We would be delighted to hear
from you.

The MOT ensures that your vehicle meets all the minimum safety requirements for it to be
on the road. In other words, it protects you, your passengers, and other road users by
making sure that your car is safe to drive. Read on to find out what checks are done during
an MOT so that you're fully prepared when you next need to book one.


The first thing that is checked during an MOT is the exterior of the car. The kinds of things
that an expert will look for include corrosion, damage, and sharp edges that could be
dangerous if an accident were to occur.

The MOT centre will also check your mirrors – do you have them in place, and if so, are they
the correct size for the vehicle, and are they secure? Then they will check the boot to ensure
it closes and locks; a boot that flies open when driving is a hazard, especially if you have
items within the boot that could fly out at speed. The same is true of the bonnet; the latch
must be secure, but it must also be easily accessible.

Finally, your registration plates will be checked. They need to be in good condition, the
characters need to be formed and appropriately spaced, and they must be the right colour.

Exhausts And Fuel

There must be no leaks within the fuel system, and the fuel cap must secure in place.
Emissions tests will be carried out during the MOT, and certain standards will need to be met
before a certificate can be given – there will also be a visual check to see if any black or blue
smoke is emitted from the exhaust.


Any electrics will need to be safe and in good working order. This check will take much
longer in newer cars since there are many more electronic components, including the
parking brake, mirrors, seating, headlamps, tyre pressure monitoring system, steering lock,
and more.

Your dashboard warning lights are also part of the standard MOT checks; after all, you need
to know if something is wrong with the car when driving it, so these lights must be in good
working order.


The car's interior checks are not about cleanliness, so don't worry if your seats could do with
a wipe down. Instead, these checks will concentrate on items like your seatbelts and the
function of your seats – can they be adjusted, and is the back secure? The doors will also be
checked as they must latch correctly and be able to open from both inside and outside (front)
and outside (back).


Many different safety checks will be carried out during an MOT test – they are hugely
important, and even if it feels unnecessary, knowing whether or not your car is safe to drive
and being given the opportunity to fix any issues before they become too problematic (and
potentially fatal) is crucial.

Safety checks include:

  • Testing your brakes
  • Looking at the overall condition of your tyres
  • Checking the engine mountings
  • Checking steering and suspension
  • Ensuring your lights work correctly
  • Even checking your horn, among many other tests

Need to book an MOT in Birmingham? Contact MotorServ UK today! We would be delighted
to hear from you. Remember with us your MOT is JUST £15, and if it fails, it’s FREE.