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Tips for first time car owners

Getting your first car is an exciting milestone in your life. But when you get the motor, you may be feeling a little lost and wondering what to do next – apart from drive it, of course! Here are some of our top tips for first time car owners.

Regular maintenance

Keeping on top of maintenance will not only keep you safer in your vehicle, but it could also save you money too. You should stay on top of servicing, MOTs and repairs to show a little (or a lot) of love to your car.

Car washes

This may seem over-rated but splurging on a decent car wash and paying close attention to the interior will keep your car looking fresh for longer. Car care is not only for the aesthetics that come with it but also to prevent rust from developing, dirt and grit from damaging your car, and improving the lifespan of your paintwork.

Driving habits            

You have your first car so now is a great time to set your driving habits to make sure you’re getting the most from your car – and not setting yourself up for a lifetime of lengthy trips to the garage. Drive with care and caution, avoid sudden braking and accelerating, that way you will spend less time at the fuel pump and more time on the road.

Park at the back

Find a parking space at the back of the car park. It’s tempting to get as close to the store entrance as possible but the further away you park, the less chance you have of getting a door opened on your car or a mystery scratch down the side of the bodywork. Not only will you be surrounded by less cars, but you will also get a few more steps in, so not only is it good for your car, but it’s also good for your health!

Insurance costs

Check the insurance for where you live and the car you want. For younger drivers and inexperienced new drivers, with 0 no claims, Birmingham is one of the most expensive areas in the UK to insure a car.  Also, make sure the insurance chosen is fit for purpose and covers you exactly for your needs.  Make sure your MOT and Tax are in date, and don't fall foul of any issues which may invalidate your insurance. Some insurers may want a black box fitted also, and if you get one in, make sure you abide by all the rules and it will really help your future premiums decrease significantly.

Car theft is a very high occurrence at the moment, there are some models which are more desirable to car thieves, get in touch and we can advise you best on what car to go for and what security measures you can take to ensure you are less likely to fall victim. 

If you’re a first time car owner and looking for advice or a service, get in touch with the team at MotorServ UK Solihull who will be able to help.