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Tips For New Drivers

Passing your driving test is an incredible feeling, as you look forward to the freedom and joy that the road can provide. Taking to the roads for the first time without an instructor can be terrifying, so read on to discover some of the best tips for new drivers…


Drive Late At Night

This can sound counter-productive, as night-driving is sometimes considered more dangerous than daylight. However, when you first pass your test it is a good idea to familiarise yourself with local roads and a perfect way of doing this is very late at night, when there will be little traffic about.

This will help you to understand useful driving facts about your local area, such as what lanes you need at busy junctions and where there are dreaded potholes to avoid!


Take The Time To Learn About Your Car

As exciting as it can be to hit the roads as soon as you get your new car, it’s worth spending time getting to know your new motor. Sit in the driver’s seat and adjust everything to where you will need it (mirrors, seating position, steering wheel height etc).

Grab your handy car manual and read it whilst in the car, so you can familiarise yourself with all of the gadgets and gizmos. Take the car for several laps around the block to get used to its handling, acceleration and the general feel of how it drives.


Practice Your Manoeuvres

There is a very real difference in your lessons and being solo when practicing your manoeuvres. You will often have to park with other drivers around which can be embarrassing if it takes you 10 attempts!

It is worth taking the time to practice parallel parking and reversing into a space as often as possible (your driveway is a perfect place for this). It may seem annoying, but it is a great investment of your time in the long run.

If you do struggle with parking manoeuvres and ever find yourself in a public situation where you are struggling, just stay calm and try not to feel embarrassed. Remember, we have all been learners once!


If you are soon to be hitting the roads and need any help with a car service or maintenance in Solihull, contact the team at MotorServ UK. We will be happy to help.