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Top 3 Tips for Clean Car Windows

It feels like windows are the hardest part of a car to keep spotless. Even the smallest marks stick out like a sore thumb, here are some tips to keep them in peak condition!

Learning how to detail your own car is extremely rewarding but can also save you money in the future. It can seem like a big expense when you buy your first set of products, but keep in mind this is an investment and you can use these products multiple times.

Dry Your Windows in Two Directions

When it comes to cleaning and drying your windows, you’ll more than likely find an annoying streak on your glass. Rather than creating more streaks trying to decide which side of the glass it’s on, get in the habit of drying the exterior in one direction and the interior the opposite way. This makes eliminating streaks simple as you know exactly where the mark is without blemishing the other side.

Clean the Whole Window

It’s crucial you clean every bit of the window, this includes rolling your window down slightly to reach the topmost section. By taking the extra time to reach this relatively small area, you’re removing any excess product that builds up in the window jamb, that could otherwise drip and leave unsightly marks.

Don’t Neglect your Wiper Blades!

You may think you’re done once your windows and windscreen are glistening. However, if you fail to treat your wiper blades, the first time you use them, you’ll contaminate your windows with dirt and excess cleaning product! Ensuring your wipers are in peak condition is vital to your safety on the road so be sure to take the extra step and check the rubber is up to scratch too.

When you book your car in for a service or repair at MotorServ UK, why not take advantage of our full interior and exterior detailing service on top of our complimentary wash and vacuum?