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What are the New MOT Rules?

If your vehicle is due for its MOT, but you aren’t quite sure where you stand with the latest changes, this article should help bring you up to speed.

In May last year, new MOT categories were introduced, and rules for diesel car emissions were made stricter. Here’s what you need to know about the new MOT tests…


New MOT Categories

Prior to May 2018, there were only two MOT assessment categories: pass and fail, but now, the system is less black and white. There are now five separate categories: dangerous, major, minor, advisory and pass.

A defect classed as dangerous implies that it poses an immediate risk to road safety or threat to the environment. A major issue means that the risk is less critical, but still significant and both classes will result in the vehicle failing its MOT test.

If an item receives a minor, an issue is present but has no significant impact on the safety of the vehicle or the environment. A vehicle will still pass the test with this rating.


Diesel Cars

There are now stricter limits for cars fitted with a diesel particulate filter (DPF). If they emit visible smoke of any colour or there is evidence that the DPF has been tampered with, vehicles will receive an automatic fail.


New Assessment Criteria

New checks will be conducted as part of MOT test. Inspectors will now look for the following:

  • Under-inflated tyres
  • Contaminated brake fluid
  • Fluid leaks
  • Missing or faulty brake pads or discs
  • Faulty reversing lights (on vehicles first used from September 2009)
  • Faulty headlight washers (on vehicles first used from September 2009)
  • Faulty daytime running lights (on vehicles first used from, March 2018)


MOT Certificate

You will also notice a change in the layout of the MOT certificate. It will now clearly list any defects found under the new categories mentioned previously.


Older Vehicles

Cars, vans and motorcycles will no longer need to be taken for MOT tests if it has been 40 years since they were registered or manufactured, as long as they have not been changed substantially.


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