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What is a FSH & Why is it so Important?

This is really a two-part question. What is a FSH (Full Service History)? Is the first part. Why is it so important? Is the second part. We will look at these questions to help explain what to look for when it comes time to buy a vehicle or car sourcing. 

When you buy a new vehicle then you don’t need to worry about the service history because it won’t have one yet. If you have ever been in the market for sourcing a used vehicle, then you will likely have come across the term Full Service History. It is sometimes shortened in adverts to FSH. So, what is it?

Vehicles will often have a ‘service book’ or at least come with information about when a car is due for a service and what Services it may have had. A full-service history is where a car has been serviced by a Garage precisely on time and in line with the Manufacturers recommendations. It will cover all the work needed including the major parts like cambelts.

When this has happened and the previous owner has kept hold of all service records and hands them over as part of the sale, you will be purchasing a car with FSH. Without these regular services, or if they have not been carried out by a Garage fully, it is known as a partial history. 

Even when you buy from franchise dealers you should be asking, if not demanding, to see the service records of the vehicle you are considering to buy. There are other things you can do when looking to buy a used vehicle. With the registration number, you can run checks online, that you will normally have to pay for, to see if that vehicle has ever been in an accident, if it has been written-off previous, or if it has been reported as stolen.

At Motorserv UK we offer a car sourcing service. We take on the work to find the car you want, and we will make sure it has a full-service history and all of it’s History is fully clear of Finance and of any recorded Accidents.

So why is this so important?

In short, a full-service history is important because it helps to offer you peace of mind. It means that a car has been maintained to the standards detailed by the manufacturer. This helps to make sure all the correct procedures are followed to keep the car in good shape.

These days, with the advancement of technology and the introduction of on-board computers in cars, digital services are possible. Keeping the record up to date means keeping the software up to date. This means that the service record of the vehicle comes with it. It is likely that this is going to continue to develop over time and that service books will be a thing of the past. However, as vehicle owners, it will be important to pay attention to when a service is required and keep up with them.

There isn’t much evidence to suggest that a vehicle with that comes with an FSH is worth more than one without it, although we would expect that the likelihood of a sale is much higher when the service history is up to date. As people are more comfortable buying a car that has been kept in good shape.