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What is the ULEZ charge and how will this affect you?

What is the ULEZ charge and how will this affect you?

If you live in or around Birmingham and find yourself travelling into the city on a regular basis. Then the ULEZ charge has the potential to affect you.    

What is the ULEZ charge?

ULEZ stands for Ultra-Low emission zone. This is a brand new scheme put in place by the government to help improve the air quality in the city. This clean air zone has been created to discourage further air pollution in Birmingham by discouraging cars with high nitrogen dioxide emissions from entering the city. In recent years air pollution has become a huge public health crisis and as a result of this each year there are roughly 900 deaths as a result of this. Pollution is growing rapidly, and the government has introduced this clean air zone to maintain and manage any further damage which may be caused. This drastic movement will help improve the quality of everyone’s lives and especially benefitting you and your children.

How does the ULEZ charge work?

Are you wondering how this new system will be put in place? As of summer, 2021 (recently delayed due to COVID-19)  this clean air zone will be put in place, operating 24/7 all year round. All cars driving from outside of Birmingham, to the city centre passing through the ring road into the city (A4540), the details of your car will be picked up routinely by cameras dotted around the city. There will be no tolls or barriers around Birmingham, the number plate recognition cameras are a more efficient solution which will help maintain the scheme. Each number plate will then be run through the system and checked to see if the nitrogen dioxide emissions are over the limit. Small fees are then charged to help prevent and manage the highly polluting vehicles from coming into the city.

If your car is petrol and made before 2006, you're likely to have to pay the £8 penalty. Similarly, if you drive a diesel car which was manufactured before 2015, the same fee will apply. If you fail to pay this small fee, a £120 fine will be awarded. It’s important to note that no vehicles are banned, but these small charges will be placed on the insufficient passing vehicles. Buses are charged £50, but the government have made an exception for minibuses and vans providing transport for school kids and the community. Additionally, the council have obtained £15m to help fund and encourage taxi drivers to swap their high emission cars, with a newer and more efficient brand new set of wheels. The government has acknowledged that Birmingham needs to reduce pollution in the air in order to move ahead and improve the lives of the people living in the city.

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