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What to Do When Your Car Won’t Start

With the weather being unkind recently, many drivers will have had difficulty starting their cars.

 As we use our car heaters and lights more when temperatures are low and visibility is poor, our vehicle batteries are working extra hard. If you have had your battery for around five years when these conditions strike, it is worth considering replacing your battery, or you may find yourself struggling to turn your engine over.

The following tips could help you get your vehicle going again if you find yourself in this frustrating situation.


Make Sure Everything Is Turned Off

Before you tun on the ignition, make sure that your car radio, heater, lights and anything else that uses power is off, so that the focus of your battery is on starting your vehicle.


Don’t Rush

Turn the key and hold it for no longer than ten seconds. If the engine does not turn over in this time, wait a minute or two before trying again so that the battery has time to recover, even if it seems like it is close to starting.


Dip the Clutch

As you turn the ignition, try dipping the clutch slightly. This takes some of the strain off the battery and could help to start the engine.


Call for Assistance

If you’ve tried everything and your car still doesn’t want to start, unfortunately your only option is to seek help. We do not advise attempting to jump start your car as this risks doing more damage. A lot of vehicle batteries are not easily accessible and if too much voltage is used, you could blow the ECU in the car, so the process really requires a trained expert.

Instead, we recommend calling for breakdown assistance or alternatively, you can contact MotorServ-UK and we will advise you on the best course of action.