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Why replacing your Cambelt is so important

Why replacing your Cambelt is so important 

Welcome to Motorserv UK, we want to give you a small insight into the importance of your cambelt and why you need to get this checked to prevent any further damage occurring. Failing to change your cambelt when it’s due to be changed can lead to significant damages to your engine. We strongly suggest that you keep a close eye on this before any detrimental damage occurs leaving you with a significant bill to pay. 

What is a cambelt?

A cambelt is designed to sync the engine together, allowing the top and bottom halves of the engines to flow fluently resulting in the engine running smoothly. Without a doubt, the most crucial component of your engine is the cambelt and is responsible for syncing up the whole engine. You will find that overtime the cambelt will begin to stretch resulting in the belt wearing down and eventually failing without any warning. Talk to a member of our team and we will be more than happy to assess your vehicle and give you our advice. We strongly advise that you get this checked out on an annual basis to prevent any further damage occurring to the rest of your engine.  

How a Cambelt Works

 The cambelt in your engine is used to regulate the way in which the engine works, allowing everything to flow efficiently. The cambelt is used to control the opening and closing of the valves in the engine as well as making sure that both halves of the engine are synced up together. You will find your cambelt will fail due to the fact that the timings of the belts will fail to function and the valves and pistons in the car will collide which is damaging to the engine. It controls the timings of all elements of the engine and when it wears and breaks down this leads to the valves colliding causing a lot of expensive damage to the engine.   

If you are unsure, call our team here at MotorServ UK, and we will be glad to confirm the timeframe of interval on your specific Car, and can physically check the belt within your engine.  

Why You Need a Cambelt

Your cambelt is fitted to regulate the way in which the whole engine of your car functions and is highly important to maintain the flow of the engine. If you don’t have your cambelt checked on a regular basis, you will be at a huge risk of damaging your car’s engine. Although at the time you will have to pay the bill for the fitting of a new cambelt, this will be a small price to pay in comparison to the problems which will occur if your cambelt fails and therefore you need to get this seen on a regular basis.

If you haven’t had your Cambelt checked in the past year, we would strongly recommend that you come and visit our team, we can check this all out for you! We can tell you when your cambelt needs changing, and can arrange a competitive quote. If you’re looking for car servicing in Solihull we can help you today!