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Car Diagnostics Birmingham, Solihull Birmingham

Technology in cars is advancing and improving at a rapid rate and modern cars are basically computers on wheels. Gone are the days when for many people Sundays meant tinkering under the bonnet trying to figure out which component was playing up if the car was running badly. Nowadays, vehicle problems have to be subject to what is known as car diagnostics, which is a service MotorServ UK are proud to offer. Here, we explain a little about what this is and why it is important.

What is Car Diagnostics?

Often, the first indication a driver has that something is not right with their car is when a dashboard light appears. Modern cars can have a bewildering array of different warning lights and message indicators that are designed to tell you that you need to get your vehicle to the professionals in order to find out what the problem is and especially to prevent it becoming worse. When you get to MotorServ UK, the first thing our mechanics will do is perform a diagnostic procedure.

In a nutshell, one of our technicians will plug a diagnostic tool into a connection in your car, a bit like plugging a USB device into your laptop. This connection point will more often than not be situated just under the dashboard on the driver's side. Your vehicle's own onboard diagnostics interface communicates with the diagnostic tool that is plugged in. Our experienced technicians can then see information regarding not only the vehicle model but can also see codes which relate to the specific problem or issue the car has. We'll then be able to understand what is needed to repair the car in order to have it running correctly again.


What can Diagnostics tell a Technician?

Your car's onboard computer controls every function on the vehicle from the windscreen wipers to the braking system to the fuel intake system and everything in between. So, when one of our highly trained mechanics plugs a diagnostic tool into your car, they can instantly see how the vehicle is performing and which component or system is malfunctioning.

Why do I need Car Diagnostics?

As we said earlier, your car is basically a computer on wheels and diagnosing problems in a modern car is often not straightforward. Just as you wouldn't dream of taking your laptop or smartphone to pieces to guess why it has stopped working, so you wouldn't even think of attempting to diagnose a problem with your car. When a warning light or message appears on your dashboard this only gives you an indication that something is wrong and only gives you part of the picture. The full picture can only be uncovered by having an expert technician plug in a diagnostic tool. Having this procedure done as soon as possible after a warning appears can save you an awful lot of money, by solving a problem before it gets worse.

Car diagnostics is not something that can be done at home. You need a professional garage with knowledgeable staff. With over 25 years combined experience in the motor trade MotorServ UK's expert technicians will have you back on the road in no time.