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From simple oil changes to more complicated repairs, all of your Vehicle service needs can be handled by MotorServ-UK. Our professional manufacturer trained technicians are constantly trained and updated on the latest in technology and diagnostics to ensure your car is in the best possible care.

When you bring your car, van or 4x4 into our service centres, our goal is to make sure you leave with the confidence of knowing your car service and repairs have been handled by experts at an affordable cost. While your car is in with us we will also give it a complimentary express valet so when we hand it back to you your car is in top condition. 

Our technicians will perform a Vehicle Health Check (VHC) and record your car information at every service and visit to us, so we can alert you to any maintenance and repair issues that may need addressing. Our technicians are also certified to handle the latest Hybrid technology cars, as well as perform Air conditioning services on your vehicle too.

We mainly specialize in German Car makes but are equipped and experienced in carrying out repair and maintenance work across all car makes and models. If you would like anymore information on when your next service is needed and a quote on how much it will be, please feel free to contact our sales team on the number listed at the top of the page.

In the meantime we do have some additional information on our specialist brands here:  

Audi Servicing    |     BMW Servicing    |    Mercedes Servicing    |    Volkswagen Servicing  

Types of Car Services

The Oil Service

Oil is not just a lubricant for your engine, ensuring that moving parts run freely without undue wear and vibration – it also serves to keep the engine clean by removing debris. Clean engines run smoother, have better fuel economy and are less likely to suffer breakdowns. 

Since your oil helps keep the engine clean it is important that it, and the oil filter, is replaced on a regular basis – around 10,000 miles for most cars. 

Interim Service

This consists of checks that need to be performed roughly annually, although different models of car require different service intervals.

Change oil and filter

Visual inspection of brakes and tyres and check of inflation pressures

Fluid levels in engine checked and topped-up where required

Visual inspection of lights, dashboard warning lights

Service stamp to show service completed to manufacturers recommendations

Major Service

This covers every included in the Interim Service and also replacement of consumable items such as pollen filters, spark plugs, air filters.

How often does my car need to be serviced?

Audi Servicing

Minor Service every 10,000 miles (or annually)

Interim Service every 20,000 miles (or every 2 years)

Major Service every 40,000 miles (or every 4 years)

More information on Audi Servicing

BMW Servicing

Pre-2005 BMWs have a service schedule similar to other manufacturers

Oil Service every 10,000 miles

Inspection 1 (Interim Service) every 2 years (or 20,000 miles)

Inspection 2 (Major Service) every 4 years (or 40,000 miles)

Since 2005 BMW introduced “Condition Based Servicing” and your car will only need to visit the garage for its MOT or if a service light comes on.

More information on BMW Servicing

Mercedes Servicing

Oil Service every 10,000 miles (or annually)

Service A every 20,000 miles (or every 2 years)

Service B every 40,000 miles (or every 4 years)

More information on Mercedes Servicing

Volkswagen Servicing

Minor Service (Oil Service) every 10,000 miles (or annually)

Interim Service every 20,000 miles (or every 2 years)

Major Service every 40,000 miles (or every 4 years)

More information on Volkswagen Servicing

It’s a false economy to skip the service!

Servicing may seem expensive, but it will avoid your car spending unscheduled time at the garage undergoing diagnostic tests or even more expensive repairs. Ask about our Service Memberships to help you spread the cost servicing your car. 

Professional and Highly Experienced but without the Main Dealer price tag

Our professional technicians can service any make or model of car to the requirements of the manufacturer's service book. We’ll stamp your service log, so you know what we’ve done. In fact, the only way we’re different to main dealers is in our prices!

So, treat your car to a proper service today. Call us on 0121 581 0430 to book your appointment now or visit our website to grab yourself a special offer service voucher.

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